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Welcome to Thor's (refound) Hideout

New, check it out!2-6-00 Read the article I submitted to a Honda s2000 Owner's Club and got accepted as the February Featured Member (click link and, on the page that loads, click on the left the small image of the silver car, with my name below, "Featured Member" above).

New, check it out!2-5-00 Sure, I know, it's been 7 or 8 months since I last updated the Web site... but I'm back and inspired (for the time being) and set to keep you abreast of my life -- whether you like it or not.

New, check it out!2-5-00 Coming soon: new site design, different content, and more.

New, check it out!2-5-00 Meanwhile, revisit (or read for the first time) one or both of my favorite stories I've written:

  • No Man's Land -- A fictional story about Fatima Markovic and her family's refuge out of Kosovo.
  • The Side of the Creek -- A story about ten-year-old Travis McBride, the fictious best friend of Corey Anderson, the Massachusetts' boy who disappeared in the middle of a driving snowstorm while chasing after his dog (based on a true story).

5-1-99 Pictures of a Yugoslavian MIG-29 Fulcrum Jet Fighter shot-down by NATO forces: Cool Stuff.

5-1-99 Our Children, a tribute to the 12 children and one teacher who were killed in Colorado's Columbine High School.


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