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 Tory's Stories

The links below are to Tory's Stories, little tales I have written.  If you like what you see and would like to read more, feel free to contact me Also, I would be greatful for any Feedback.

If you have publishing interests or know where I might seek them, I urge you to contact me.  I have three novels ready for polishing and would love the opportunity to publish.  Again, feel free to e-mail me or pass my address along.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I had writing...

New Stories


A story about Fatima Markovic and her family's refuge out of Kosovo.


The Side of the Creek, a story about ten-year-old Travis McBride, the fictious best friend of Corey Anderson, the Massachusetts' boy who disappeared in the middle of a driving snowstorm while tracking down his dog.

Written 1-1-99 to 3-31-99

A late night run for munchies in the most bizarre place imagineable teaches Bone & Jillian, two college buddies, a lesson.
What Would Jesus Do?  A fictionized account of the last two months of the life of Dot Seguin, the wife of a dear freind of mine.  Dot, you are not forgotten... the message has been delivered.
Cory Hanson wasn't gay ... at least he didn't think so - boys repulsed him, and girls ... well, they were okay. Thing was, whenever he thought about sex, he thought about ...
Karen, a devoted Soccer Mom, just might be too gung-ho for her own good. Read this sometimes funny tale to find out if she is... You will be taken aback by what she learns.
Justin witnesses a punk steal his bike. He huffs, he puffs, and then he forgives... You will be touched and moved to see how his Forgiveness of Sins has been rewarded.

*For a brief description of each story, hold the mouse over the image link.

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